Risk Management

Modern enterprise faces a myriad of risks on a daily basis that threaten to erode profitability and even endanger the ongoing operations of a business. With the expert counsel of myCFO, you can be comfortable knowing that your exposures have been identified and potential losses mitigated.

Risk Exposures
1If your business faces credit, equity, interest, currency or commodity risks, myCFO can identify the specifics of each exposure and ensure your full understanding of the effects they can have on your business.
Hedging Strategies
2No risk analysis would be complete without the recommendation of a hedging strategy. Our extensive knowledge of financial products and hedging strategies will be an invaluable asset in ensuring the continuing profitability of your enterprise.

Internal Controls
3Are duties being appropriately segregated in order to minimize fraud? Does your computer system have adequate security in order to maintain the integrity of your data and processes? We can help with a detailed examination of the design, implementation and operating effectiveness of your internal controls.
Controls Design
4As organizations grow, so do the risks they face and a properly implemented control system will be crucial in minimizing the risks of fraud and loss. We have experience working with the control systems of firms large and small. Based on your operating criteria, we can help design and implement a control system that works for you.

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