Investment Counsel

Effective investing is built upon relevant and timely information, diligence and prudent planning. We bring together a wealth of information and expertise in order to understand today's market. Having a portfolio tailored to your needs has never been easier.

Understanding your needs
1Meeting your needs and expectations is the number one priority in all our relationships. To better serve your needs and interests we always begin with an in-depth interview. We consider the present economic situation and profile of every client in order to ensure that you are invested only in assets that are consistent with your goals, values and tolerances.
Adviser evaluation
2Selecting an investment adviser is a sensitive process that can expose you to a great deal of risk if done improperly. Leverage the strength of an investment industry certified CFO so you can rest assured that you receive top-quality service. We can also help communicate your goals to your investment representatives, ensuring their full understanding as well as evaluate the suitability of any proposed investments.

Mergers & acquisitions
3Aside from aiding you in your publicly traded investments, we can also serve as a trusted source of information and advice on private equity, debt and asset transactions. By performing the necessary due diligence and valuation procedures you can be certain that you are fully armed with the facts and information necessary to make important investment decisions.
Performance monitoring
4Performance is measured against your needs and goals to ensure that they are met. We continuously monitor market conditions and will notify you of any opportunities or threats to the stability of your investments. We can even calculate your own personal rate of return, which provides the most pertinent performance measure.

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