Estate & Trust

It's never too early to begin planning the process of transferring your wealth. We work closely with every client to create a plan that preserves your values and achievements for generations and ensures the safety and continued prosperity of your family.

Estate planning
1After gaining an understanding of your family's needs, we can come up with a trust or corporate structure that transfers wealth efficiently and integrates the tax and business succession issues faced by every wealthy individual.
2Choosing a trustee is a critical step towards preserving your wealth over generations. We can act as executors and trustees of your estate, or we can help with the selection process to ensure that whomever you choose has the skills and experience required.

3A properly created philanthropic organization will celebrate your vision and values and leave a legacy that will have a positive impact for generations to come. We can help identify philanthropic goals and administer the gift-giving process.
Family education
4Too many families contain rags to riches stories, only to lose everything due to not having the knowledge necessary for preserving wealth over the long term. We work with you and your family to ensure that your legacy is never squandered.

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