What is a professional?

Professionals are people with extensive training and experience in a specific field. They are certified and carry designations from one or more professional societies such as the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, Canadian Securities Institute, or the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Do I need a professional?

If you have any accounting, financial or legal needs, chances are that you will benefit from the services of a professional. Their wealth of knowledge will be a critical asset to you that can save precious time and money.

What standards are professionals held to?

Every professional society creates its own rules governing the conduct of their members. The common thread is their fiduciary duty, meaning professionals are held to the highest standards of law and must act to the sole benefit of their clients.



What is a family office?

Family offices began a century ago when exceptionally wealthy families formed their own personal organizations of professionals dedicated to managing their own personal fortunes. In recent years with the advent of multi-family offices, these specialized services are now becoming more available. In short, a family office streamlines the process of managing your financial assets, ensuring their preservation and growth.

What services does a family office provide?

A family office puts a wealth of services at your disposal, including the development of goals, financial and tax planning, trusteeship and the administration of your estate, as well as financial recordkeeping and reporting.

How do I benefit from a family office?

The purpose of a family office is to be a trusted partner and source of expertise in order to provide security and peace of mind throughout your life and beyond. The family office simplifies your life by becoming the central point of contact for all your financial affairs.

What does a family office cost?

The total cost of a family office varies greatly but will generally decrease as the family’s wealth increases. Rates will depend of the level of work needed for each individual family.


Can Help

My business is expanding rapidly, what do I do?

Chris’s breadth of experience with firms small and large will be an invaluable tool in creating an expansion plan that works. He can advise on the formation and expansion of internal departments, staffing and how to create an effective administrative and management function that minimizes waste and pursues every opportunity available to you.

I just came in to a large sum of money, can you help?

Whether through inheritance, lotteries, or other means, sudden wealth can be both a gift and a curse. Your new-found financial independence and abundance of options opens doors not previously available. At the same time you now face challenges that add complexity to your life. The choices you make regarding how to invest, spend and plan for the future will have a monumental impact on you and your family. Chris can develop a comprehensive, tax-efficient plan that suits your short and long-term needs.

I’m contemplating the sale of my business, what’s the best way?

Selling, or removing yourself from the direct management of a family business presents unique challenges. Whether you want to transfer ownership or control to your successors, Chris can develop a plan that works. With his help you will be able to realize the greatest tax efficiencies and retain the level of control you desire through the use of trusts, partnerships or corporations. Chris can also educate and advise your successors to ensure they possess the level of knowledge required to preserve the ongoing operations of your business.

I need help managing the finances of my business, what can you do?

Chris is an expert in the preparation of financial statements. Whether your reporting needs must follow GAAP or IFRS, he can match your needs and ensure that you meet all the required disclosures. Assisting the ongoing operations of your business is his top priority and he can provide accurate management reports on an ongoing basis, along with a customized management accounting solution that allows your managers to do their jobs more effectively by providing targeted and more timely information. In the event of an audit, he can ensure that your statements reflect the most recent versions of the accounting rules and provide proper support in order to minimize audit time and costs. His experience as Big 4 auditor will be an invaluable asset to you.



What is Chris’s typical client?

Chris’s clients range from businesses to high net worth individuals. Anyone faced with complex financial situations will benefit from engaging the services of a professional and so there is no specific profile for his clients. He works with each one on a case by case basis and determines what level of service is most appropriate for their current situation. He can take a very active role in a client’s life, or work quietly in the background to ensure the smooth operation of their financial affairs.

What sets Chris apart?

Where most professional firms offer only accounting, legal or financial planning services, Chris integrates these in to one solution. This produces efficiencies not realized when engaging these services separately. By integrating these services he gains an intimate knowledge of your financial affairs and therefore can offer a more customized solution for your needs and better anticipate any issues you might encounter in the future. Chris is also well-versed in the field of Economics, sitting on the Board of Directors of an economics education and research charity. This gives him insights in to economic cycles that have proven highly instructive over the past century. This source of expertise will be an invaluable asset to investors and business owners as we proceed in to the 21st century.

What does it cost to work with Chris?

Costs depend on the level of service required and the types of services engaged. In order to be flexible fees can be based on hourly rates, fee-for-service, retainer-based or as a percentage of your assets that you would like Chris to manage or act as trustee over. After understanding your needs Chris can provide a fee structure that works with your budget and ensures that your affairs receive the attention they require.

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