Something Ventured

Venture capital is an incredibly important part of any economy.  After all, where would we be without the entrepreneurial investors that built Silicon Valley and our modern technological age?  Finding people with the means and motivation to see your project through is a key component of any successful business venture.  Likewise, investing in start-ups can be extremely profitable if one knows how to identify businesses with high growth potential.

Until recently, connecting entrepreneurs with venture capitalists has been a difficult task.  Investors would often form private equity companies and hope that said organization would attract promising businesses.  The internet now makes this process much easier.

Enter Whitespire Venture Capital Network (WVCN).  This website is a private online network connecting entrepreneurs looking for resources with investors seeking alternative investment opportunities.  Accessing private capital has never been this easy.  Entrepreneurs create their online profile consisting of text, photos, videos and other data and post it on the WVCN website.  Investors can then search the online database to find attractive business investment opportunities.  The investor will then contact the entrepreneurs they’re interested in and work out a deal.  The site also provides links to experienced professionals who can aid in every step of the transaction in order to ensure a fair and equitable relationship.

WVCN is an online Dragon’s Den, in a sense.  It attracts businesses of many types and stages of development.  One can easily find companies looking for seed capital, start-ups, early growth phase and even mature companies looking to take on a new project.  The site is not affiliated with any venture capital corporations or investment groups and merely acts as a match maker.   Thus it provides a neutral space where investors and entrepreneurs can create wealth and opportunities together.

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